Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Morning After

You know that morning after? The morning where there can't be possibly anything on your mind besides the steady rhythm of the pounding headache you have. It sounds as if all the greatest DJs just decided to infiltrate your head and drop the bass over and over again. But once you get past all the head pounding you realize that it only gets worst. That feeling of being on a sandy beach relaxing and taking in the waves you were having wasn't a dream, it was your stomach.The back and forth motions of the waves was merely your stomach twirling over and over, bringing back the flashes of every bite of food you managed to have. Before you know it, the flashes become reality, and your racing to the trash can in your room only because you know you can't possibly make it to the bathroom before the food comes right back out. As you force the fluids from your body while telling yourself that its all going to end soon and that you will feel better after, you regret every single sip of alcohol you managed to the night before. Once the pain and regret subsides, all the memories that were so clear in that instant become blurry images that you try to focus and refocus only to find that its useless to even try. As you work to make your way back to your bed and throw yourself upon it like a rag doll, you manage to sneak a look at the clock on the wall, only to realize that your morning has just started.....and it's time to go to work.